Initial View About Astar zkEVM

The unveiling of Supernova signals @AstarNetwork’s expansion to @ethereum, a strategic move to accelerate Astar’s growth and advance #Web3 adoption

Recognizing the broader vision is key to grasping its significance for Astar and @Polkadot development

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👉Astar zkEVM is an Ethereum Layer 2 scaling solution

👉With the launch of Astar zkEVM, they are expanding
’ cross-chain capabilities, creating the tech stack to bring billions into web3

#ZKP #ZKevm

2. Why zkEVM?

A zkEVM merges zk-rollups and #EVM by replicating Ethereum’s environment within zk-rollups and providing cryptographic proof of correctness

A key benefit is that zkEVM allows portability of existing EVM dApps =>devs can readily expand their protocols


3. Tech

For Astar zkEVM, They’re working with
and using its CDK

The Polygon CDK Implementation Partner program is an initiative that seeks to leverage the expertise of trusted partners to build & power customized app chains with compliance implementation options

4. Purpose

Astar Network has no plans to transition/move out of
. Instead, they aim to enhance both ecosystems’ interoperable on the token transfer level with existing Astar VMs and on the cross-contract interoperability level with strong partners

#Astar #ASTR

5. ASTR use cases

Astar zkEVM uses the #ASTR token in 3 new ways: as the gas fee for tooling, in the burning mechanism with the sequencer, and in burning incentivized tokens to the network aggregator

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