Notifi – Communication & Notification Tooling For Polkadot’s Broader Ecosystem

🌐 Explore Notifi Network – Your gateway to seamless cross-chain web3 communication! 🚀 👪 For Web3 Users: Get real-time alerts tailored to your needs, from wallet updates to governance proposals. ⚒️ For Web3 Builders: Say goodbye to third-party platforms! Notifi offers customized, scalable communication within your web3 dApps. 💰 This project is seeking a grant […]

Enhance The Hiring Rate In Polkadot By Missing Link

🌟 Don’t let talent acquisition slow you down! @missing_link_io is here to streamline the process, from sourcing to placement 😮 At Polkadot Decoded in June 2023, they found many parachain and infrastructure teams who have been struggling to find the proper talent that will launch them into their next phase of growth 👍 To solve […]